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Vision Technology

V-OPTICS, your partner for “ZERO DEFECT” offers innovative solutions to characterize, control and analyze reflective surfaces and transparent materials.

Smart Technology
for Effective and Secure Controls

Before, there were no real satisfying digital “Surface Control” solutions for transparent and light reflective surfaces.

V-Optics has been able to make available to the industry the optical method known as “Phase-shifting deflectometry”. This brings objectivity to the whole Control process.

V-Optics designs and builds a wide range of user-friendly machines, combining high-end and innovative optical technologies:

  • Reflection(Composite, plastic, metal)
  • Transmission (Glass, Windshield, Lens)

The Michiana Lean Team proudly represents V-Optics in North America.


Look beyond what you can see.

Specialists in Industrial Vision dedicated to objective control​

Know-How:  Unique technology developed based on phase-shifting deflectometry

Team and Competence:

  • World wide Deflectrometry Expert
  • Machine vision & artificial intelligence
  • Multi-skill team of engineers and technicians (Optical, Metrology & IT)

After years of in-house development, our solutions associate traditional technologies and our unequaled expertise in deflectometry.

V-Optics systems are based on phase-shifting deflectometry technology

On a perfect surface, we know in advance what would be the reflection of this perfect pattern and so we know where the light rays should go. If they are not where they are supposed to be, it means that the reflection of the rays has been modified by a local surface defect (variation of the surface slopes).

This principle is demonstrated by the law of Snell-Descartes which says that the reflection of the light rays is such that the angle of incidence and the angle of reflection are equal.

V-Optic Infographic

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