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Our Team

Riad Ardahji

Managing Director
Riad Ardahji

Strategic and hands-on leader. Accomplished change agent with 20+ years track record of leading Lean Transformation, driving Quality & Operational Excellence, linking VOC to operating metrics and performance, and maximizing ROI on Supply Chain and Operations Risk Management.

A servant leader with team building characteristics to lead people, processes, and organizations to profitability.

Colleagues refer to me as caring, honest, passionate and the one that, “Gets-the-job-done.”

Denise Gadd


Corporate Process Improvement Specialist with an extreme focus on the VOC. Focused on facilitating change and productivity for every organization by utilizing Lean and Six Sigma Methodologies.

A partner-leader with team-building characteristics that leads people, processes, and organizations to profitability; a proven team-builder.

My adult education skills enable successful delivery of comprehensive learning solidified by hands-on use of the training.

James Gonsalves


Accomplished professional with 20+ years of experience in Engineering and Management. That includes a patent, work in design, manufacturing, quality, continuous improvement, project management and new product development.

Obtains results through effective communication, trusted interpersonal relationships, innovative problem solving skills and strategic negotiation. 

Ken Riches


Solutions leadership through project management, lean manufacturing, and new product development.

I firmly believe that project management/leadership should be a core competency in every business, helping achieve strategic initiatives and positively impacting the bottom line. Leadership and Accountability are crucial to the success of any organization, and I enjoy helping organizations succeed by enriching the lives of their employees and customers.