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Supply Chain

AI that transforms your operations

The key to achieving humanity’s greatest needs must begin with leveraging operational data to reveal, measure, and eliminate industrial-scale waste.

Conventional digital transformation and industry 4.0 efforts do not utilize existing data systems for efficiency gains within the heavy industrial world.

Our vision is to eliminate industrial bottlenecks through
AI-powered process waste reduction that tie up over $10 trillion annually of underutilized resources across the global supply chain.

Michiana Lean Team is a proud partner of ThroughPut Inc


The faster way to monetize your industrial data with ThroughPut’s powerful AI Engine.

Your customers demand their orders on-time and in-full, every time. Unfulfilled expectations keeps your shelves full, your warehouses above capacity, and you up at night. ThroughPut’s ELI leverages AI to reduce costly inventory stock buffers without jeopardizing customer service levels. Sleep easy, while ELI does the heavy-lifting to generate more money and margins for you across your end-to-end supply chain and data systems.

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