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What We Do


We offer a suite of quality products and innovative ideas that will help you get to your goals quickly and smoothly.


Our service includes a comprehensive consultation to help identify gaps and opportunities.


Our comprehensive reports considering timelines, milestones, and cost analysis will ensure your success.

Our Motivation

How to Start a Movement

During this TED Talk, Derek Sivers explains a big idea with help from some surprising footage. This reveals how movements get started. A hint: it takes two people.

At Michiana Lean Tech we truly believe that with the help of our clients, we can become this team that can start a movement to revolutionize processes and ensure success.

The Story of a Sign

This short story is a reminder of a few things for us. It depicts how some improvements may not cost you anything. Despite the cost, those small improvements can lead to a big change. We can always find the time to make a difference.

"Even with small improvements you can start a big movement."

Riad Ardahji, Managing Director