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Time Study

Work Study+ is the time study and work sampling data collection solution.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. We will help you manage how long it takes to get the job done.

Work Study+ is the right solution for all of your time study or work sampling data collection projects.

Do you want to develop time standards in a couple of hours? It is time to consider all digital option in the new normal (post COVID-19). Consider WorkStudy+.

Trained clients and provided online demonstrations on the benefits and advantages of WorkStudy+ software, compared to stop watch.

Are you tired of:

  • Stopwatches and clipboards?
  • Re-entering data again and again?
  • Filing papers?
  • Data entry errors?

You can develop and release new labor rates in less than one hour.

Over 20% of Fortune 500 companies rely on and use WorkStudy+.

Whether your team is currently using stopwatch and paper or a homegrown piece of software that one of your engineers wrote a few years ago. Alternatively other methods of collecting timing and sampling data that are not completely accurate.

Work Study+ can greatly improve and standardize your data collection projects.

  • Do you need an accurate collection of time study and sampling data?
  • There’s no need to manually transcribe data to your PC.
  • This system is easy to learn and intuitive.
  • Work Study+ has seamless integration with Excel.
  • You get powerful and customizable statistical reporting.
  • It’s available for Android, Windows mobile and tablet PCs.

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