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eLPA Technology

What is an eLPA?

An e-Layered Process Audit (eLPA) is a digital management tool used to verify that work is performed in accordance with established standards.

What is an eLPA?

It is not an Audit Per Se, it is a Verification of Process Control, rather than an audit. It is completed by multi-levels of the company.

What is an eLPA?

Its objective is to ensure the company’s most Important Controls are in place and Standard Process is being followed on “Critical Processes”.

Current LPA (Paper)

  • Paper checklists/ K-Board 100%
  • Audits take too long/ Too busy
  • Some do focus on personnel not process
  • Driven by Quality / Lack of coordination or structure
  • No Dashboard 
  • Data errors/ No reminders
  • Limited access (at the Gemba)
  • Manual data entry
  • Able to be penciled whipped
  • Nothing is done with the results
  • Processes will tend to drift over time (Unstable)

eLPA (Digital)

  • 100% Digital (IOS/GooglePlay App)
  • eLPAs will be 5-10 Questions (5-10min)
  • Operators are happy and engaged (L0)
  • LPAs will focus on the process  (not on delivering standards or people)
  • Real-time/instant results from anywhere for the management team
  • Workflows paper-free & Data flow restored
  • PDCA in action; Action Plans and Mitigation
  • Compliance verification rooted in standard work
  • Reduces LPA times up to 75% on average.
  • Costs less than $10 per month per auditor
  • Upload templates in minutes, and start eLPA within an hour
  • Encrypted and secured data