Smart Technology
for Effective and Secure Controls

Because there are no real satisfying digital “Surface Control” solutions for transparent and light reflective surfaces, V-Optics has been able to make available to the industry the optical method known as “Phase-shifting deflectometry” to “bring OBJECTIVITY” to the whole Control process.

Both products, the QualiSENSOR® et the QualiLENS® exist in several sizes and are adapted to every part to control, used in laboratories and industrial processes (integrated into a control station, inline, or mounted on a robot).

V-Optics designs and builds a wide range of user-friendly machines, combining high-end and innovative optical technologies.


  • Reflection(Composite, plastic, metal)
  • Transmission (Glass, Windshield, Lens)


Michiana Lean Team proudly represents V-Optics in North America.


Vision Technology

SPECIALISTS IN INDUSTRIAL VISION dedicated to objective control​.

Know-How: Unique technology developed based on phase-shifting deflectometry

Team and Competence :

  • World wide Deflectrometry Expert,
  • Machine vision & artificial intelligence
  • Multi-skill team of engineers and technicians (Optical, Metrology & IT)

After years of in-house development, our solutions associate traditional technologies and our unequaled expertise in deflectometry.

V-Optic Infographic