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Riad, ‘Ray’ Ardahji, one of 100+ incredible speakers taking part in the Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit.

TPM stands for “Total Productive Maintenance” and builds a close relationship between Maintenance and Production, showing how good care and the up-keep of equipment results in higher productivity.

TPM is a philosophy of continuous improvement that creates a sense of ownership in the operator(s) of each machine as well as in their supervisor. We all reach a new attitude of higher responsibility and commitment. TPM is to Maintenance very much as Total Quality is to Production. TPM is another tool to help us achieve our OEE performance targets.

Furthermore, TPM is the most challenging module of lean manufacturing implementation and is a pre-condition for the three elements of Lean manufacturing based on a continuous flow: Takt time, standard work & pull system. Most companies disregard the importance of machine reliability, thus assuming it is sufficient, which can lead to big trouble ahead. 

TPM consists of 5 major blocks:

  • Maintenance: Means keeping operator-machine-material system in optimal condition.
  • Management support
  • Equipment improvement teams
  • Autonomous Maintenance
  • Maintenance excellence
  • 6S and housekeeping

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