Time Studies

Although WorkStudy+ is great for simple time studies, it is built to handle complex studies with 1000s of elements. It works well for slow changing processes, but is equally effective at accurately recording fast changing activities.

Sampling Studies

WorkStudy+ is ideal for any type of data sampling, including fixed and random interval sampling. With a built-in sampling timer, WorkStudy+ will automatically alert users when it is time to collect the next sample.

Other Data Collection

This is also the right tool for complex collection projects, such as simultaneous multi-subject studies, queuing studies or for performing ergonomics or safety audits.

Michiana Lean will help you work smarter – not harder – to produce more with this time-saving tool.

WorkStudy+ is the time study & work sampling data collection solution.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. We will help you manage how long it takes to get the job done.

WorkStudy+ is the right solution for all of your time study or work sampling data collection projects. Whether your team currently uses stopwatch and paper, a home-grown piece of software that one of your engineers wrote 3 years ago, or some other method of collecting timing and sampling data, WorkStudy+ can greatly improve and standardize your data collection projects.

Accurate collection of time study and sampling data
No need to manually transcribe data to PC
Easy to learn intuitive user interface
Seamless integration with Excel
Powerful and customizable statistical reporting
Available for Android, Windows Mobile and Tablet PCs

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