Our Clients

Our client base is broad but you get a very customized service. Clients come to us for advice on a broad range of issues, the most common of which include:

  • Mergers and integration challenges
  • New startup operations
  • Lack of standard work
  • Lack of proper production rates and allowances
  • Cost reduction and performance enhancement through lean manufacturing
  • Excessive defects
  • Long changeover times
  • Customer complaints
  • Integrated support for new business development.

Our clients call on us particularly when they are faced with challenging and lingering issues that demand fundamental culture change. They come from a variety of industries and processes such as: 

·                Small Business
·                Banking & Financial
·                Customer Service
·                Discrete Manufacturing
·                Continuous Flow Manufacturing
·                Healthcare/ Medical Device
·                Warehouse & Distribution Logistics
·                Back Office Processes